Partnership ENSCI Les Ateliers & RMN Le Louvre
Sep.2013 - Jan.2014


The collection is inspired by earthenware works, displayed in the rooms of the Louvre’s new eighteenth century galleries. These works of art are decorated with mainly blue colored patterns, sometimes in excess which is characteristic of this periods products. In these objects, the decoration finds its' function. Gifts or exterior signs of wealth, masterpieces in tableware, they have a strong cultural meaning.

This collection is built on the link between shapes and patterns.
The design focuses on how memory works or fades. Memories are commonly represented in visual arts by blurring and erasure. In the objects, shapes are revealed through patterns; decorations gradually blur or are faded by water. A reflection can also reveal unseen patterns at first glance. Objects take these codes and enrich with color effects, light and transparency through the use of glass and white ceramic.
The repetition of the blue decorative pattern falls in line with the eighteenth century spirit.

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